In the past few years, I’ve mostly followed and coded for the open source projects xmms2 and kradradio.  For xmms2, I helped a friend write an xmms2d android port and client framework in Java, I did extensive tinkering on the Esperanza Qt/C++ desktop client, and I wrote a C++ desktop client that uses Festival, the text-to-speech engine, to announce new songs.  For kradradio I developed lots of clients, some in ruby, some in C, but most extensively I helped develop a web client using HTML5/CSS/JS along with websockets for client/server communication.  I’m extremely interested in low latency linux for professional audio and as such am a huge fan of JACK and other marvellous linux audio tools. I also appreciate recent efforts to beautify and improve the linux desktop. I have dabbled in the javascript framework surrounding the Gnome environment, I use gnome-shell on my desktop, and I have hacked a few gnome-shell extensions. I also love experimenting with generative music and digital synthesis techniques, in particular lately I’ve done this kind of thing in the SuperCollider environment and formerly in Csound, but I’m also now finding that those synthesis skills translate well to the Web Audio API for sound synthesis.  After all, sound synthesis is mostly about things spinning around in circles… once you can make things spin right in one toolkit, you probably have the know-how to do it with any toolkit.

I’m a huge fan of open source programming.  So…

Happy Hacking!

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